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If your property was damaged by fire, water, wind, mold, hurricane, vandalism, theft, sinkhole or any other damage, give Public Adjuster Miami Dade a call. As top Miami Florida Public Adjusters, we're here to help you get the most out of your insurance claim!

Business Damage

Public adjusters that specialize in commercial losses are on standby and ready to ensure your claim is handled properly, your business is protected and in good hands.

Residential Damage

Your homeowners insurance is trained to exploit what you don't know so they can pay you less. Public adjusters know what they know, to ensure you get what you're entitled to and your property's value and safety don't suffer.

Property Loss Claims

Each claim type has its own caveats that can cost you money. We specialize in them all, from wind, water, fire, vandalism, and all the rest so you get the full repair funds you deserve.

The leading public adjusters in Florida

We care about your home, property value, health and safety as much as you do. Thousands of home and business owners have turned to us for guidance and professional help with their property loss claims.

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Insurance companies have professionals working hard on their side.
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These are very sensitive claims and should never be handled alone. Allow us to handle it right for you.

Mishandled water damage leads to extensive hidden mold damage, which is very expensive and dangerous to your health. Don't risk it. Let us help.

Many other common forms of property damage, insignificant as they may seem, create the opening that invites the water to travel through your walls, which then brings the mold, etc. See how quickly things can spiral out of control? Call us now.

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If your home or business has incurred damage, every minute counts. We're waiting to help. Call now.

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Why Choose Us

We work for you, not the insurance company. We know everything they know, so we can hold them accountable and ensure you receive the proper claim settlement and repair funds you're entitled to.

Fields of Expertise

As public insurance adjusters, we specialize in both commercial and residential property loss claims. We know all claim types inside and out. No matter what type of damage you've incurred, we can help you receive the maximum claim you deserve.

What People Say

"You kept us informed along the way, you were fast, helped us prevent further damage and get our home fixed as quickly as possible. Thank you!"

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